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Disclaimer: as said below, I never used GIT for development, so the characteristics that I attribute to it are based on what I have heard about it from other developers…

I personally have been and still am a supporter of SVN, and of the fact that (as some friends noticed) it’s not so cool having to download, with GIT, the whole project history just for trying some new features in trunk/ (but maybe there is an option to avoid it, I don’t remember exactly…); as of today, I have only used SVN for my projects (GIT and CVS only for downloading some bleeding edge software), and I also have a local repository with that VCS.

But, in the last weekend I started to rethink this fact: developing my GSoC project, I often had the necessity to create a local branch on the fly, sometimes because, in the middle of the development of a new feature, I or someone else found some serious bug, which should be solved asap and its new code uploaded in the remote repository, sometimes because there were more than one way for solving some problems, and it would be nice to try them in parallel, sometimes because you just want to revert only a part of the last modifications, but the revert option erases everything…

I admit that having a good IDE, with a good history of last modifications, may help in this way (and Eclipse, my usual IDE, does help), but it looks like that, in the end, a distributed VCS does make the difference, so I may start to try GIT for real, and then I’ll tell you if it is worth develop with it…


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