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Sembrowser 0.3

Sembrowser 0.3

Hi everyone!

I have just released Sembrowser version 0.3 (sources here, Ubuntu packages here); not much changes since 0.2, time is always a problem, but it was worth publishing it because of the two most important features added:

  • text filtering for tags: thanks for all the facilities provided by kdelibs, in few lines of code I have added an edit box for narrowing the tag list by searching through some text;
  • the facet-term underlying structure is changed, with its classes trying to follow the Model-View-Controller architectural pattern; in this way, it should be easier to add new facets or new views, with less code involved. Please notice that this may not be the final structure: some discussions are happening right now about this, so things may change soon.

Just a reminder: Sembrowser is a (very poor) clone of Dolphin, and it is not meant to substitute the default KDE file browser: it is being developed for testing faceted browsing of Nepomuk metadata applied directly to file browsing; the side panel offering this new functionality may (hopefully) someday be ported to Dolphin itself (or to some other Nepomuk apps). So, do not complain about missing functionalities (for the manager part), because I have just added the most important ones, but they are not the main goal here.

Here in Politecnico the exam session is starting right now, so the next month will be a little busy for me; fortunately, by the end of july I should have finished all of my exams, so I should have some more time to dedicate to KDE (especially if some things will get realized as I wish, but more on this later).

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Sembrowser 0.2

Sembrowser 0.2 is out for testing!

Several weeks are passed from the 0.1 version, so it was time to release the new version; before getting into a few details, let me remind you that this is not a substitute for Dolphin, but simply a prototype for checking the capabilities of having a faceted browsing in a file manager; thus, it has not all the functionalities of Dolphin itself, but only those that I think are needed in a very simple manager.

Now, the new features:

  • new queries under the hood: this should speed up the tags loading (and the file refreshing, too)
  • resizability: the facets panel was quite blocked in the first release, now it can be resized along all directions
  • configuration of the facets to be shown: a settings page can be used for choosing which of the three possible facets (document type, time, tags) are shown in the panel; this may be useful especially on smaller screen (those scroll bars are not the best thing to use, I have to admit it)
  • added some file manager functionalities, in particular cut-copy-paste
  • some minor improvements here and there…

So, go to the KDE-Apps page and check it out, and then tell me what’s good and bad with it (only constructive comments, please, no rants!).

P.S.: you can also get the source from Gitorious, or install it on Ubuntu (Karmic for now, Lucid in the weekend) from my PPA.

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Just a brief update: for those who follow the development of Sembrowser, I did not write a single line of code after the release of 0.1, and that’s because I have been a little busy during the Christmas holidays, for a university homework with today as the deadline. Also, the winter exam session will start in a couple of weeks, so don’t expect big surprises for a while.

In the meantime, if you use Ubuntu, finally the RC1 landed in the beta repository, so now Sembrowser can be packaged, and it is: the 0.1 can be found in my personal PPA (for Karmic, of course); I don’t know how often I will update it, I mean if I will create debs only when I will do an official release or more often. I’ll let you know when I will decide 🙂

P.S.: as a side note, I use(d) my PPA for personal experiments, so I suggest you to install Sembrowser only; any other package may mess up everything 😀

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