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DISCLAIMER: these images are here just to show you which blocks will be present in the end, they will not be used as they are. They are a proof of concept.

As promised, here are a couple of drafts (have you noticed the bold font?) for the future UI: they are not meant to be the definitive interface, they are here only to show what widgets/views will (probably) be in the final dialogs.

Load dialog

Load dialog

The load dialog is very similar to the actual load dialog: instead of folders, the central view will show metadata (here represented with the “folder” icon) and files associated with the tags already selected (and written in the breadcrumbs). When you will “enter” a metadata, view and breadcrumbs will be changed accordingly.

On the left there is a panel showing the recently used tags, so you will be able to use them as shortcuts.

Save dialog

Save dialog

Ok, the save dialog will probably be completely different: on the right, there will be a view with the list of metadata that the user has chosen to associated to the current file; on the left, a view will show the recently used tags (as before), and another view will collect suggestions given by the program (and the program itself will provide them, using some internal logic).

At the bottom, the label of the document (or resource, as called in semantic terminology), which will be the final filename (even if it will be completely trasparent to the user), and a space for a comment to the file, maybe automatically filled by the program, as before.

So, that’s it! You can see some changes in respect to the actual system, probably the saving system will be the main change.

Stay tuned, as I am studying how to realize the internals of the project, so soon there will be some ideas (or even diagrams!)…

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