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Edit: I’m sorry if the previous wallpaper contained in my second activity was somewhat offensive for any reader of this blog; I’ve changed it to a more appropriate “hacking” wallpaper.

Last week I decided to start using activities in a productive way: until then, I have just used them last year, for having the desktop configured for office work (read: with a quiet wallpaper), but I dismissed them when my office time ended.

Activities have been criticized here and there, with that useless button circle in the corner of your desktop; there even existed (and maybe still exists) a plasmoid which removes that circle.

I am between those people who think it is a useful thing (like lots of plasma features), and now I want to get accustomed with using it, and here there are my two current activities:

Default activity

Default activity

This one is configured for standard PC usage: my desktop and temp folder, email, weather, ktorrents…

Programming activity

Programming activity

This is the programming activity: my two current projects’ folders (GSoC and Master Thesis), plus CPU load and Kate sessions…

So: I think activities are useful, and I’m starting to productively use them, and for those of you who don’t (yet): try them!

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